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Welcome to The Delta Escape

The 'Delta Escape' is a stunning river side house just an hour away from central Buenos Aires. Built predominantly out of wood, and raised on stilts, it gives the effect of an a tuxurious reehouse. The house sleeps 10 and is fully equipped, on its own peaceful island and is therefore the perfect escape destination for any family or group of friends wanting to get away from the city to relax, unwind, and enjoy nature. 

A short boat ride from Tigre will transport you right to the heart of nature. All that can be heard are the birds overhead and the gentle flow of the river, while walkways open up to 75 hectares of grounds just waiting to be explored.
As you arrive up the canal, the treehouse is angled so that it sits comfortably inland,  with a river either side. The raised wooden walkway leads you from the jetty, past the parilla and decking, through the surrounding trees until you arrive at the large French windows of the house entrance.
House Interior
Once inside the building, the interior maintains a grand style with warm oak paneling throughout. It is open plan, with a large living room area leading on to the kitchen. The two rooms are intersected by an open stove fire. One small bedroom leads off the living room through large French windows. There is also a bathroom with shower facilities, placed just off the kitchen area.

Upstairs is another spacious high-ceiling living area, bathed in light due to the large windows. Off the living area is one twin bedroom, and just next door the double bedroom with a king size bed. Both rooms have large French windows that can be opened from the inside. The upstairs bathroom is situated just off the living area, and consists of toilet and shower.  A major feature is the design of the shower, which is constructed with one of its walls made entirely from glass, which allows you to feel in the heart of nature, within the trees.

At the other side of the living area is a door to an outside terrace, with a further stairway that leads to the top terrace and offers views over the entire island and beyond. This spot is perfect for catching the morning and evening sun with a cup of tea.

Slightly further inland, and just a two minute walk away from the house, is a wooden walkway which winds in between low flanking trees and leads to a bird watching spot.

From both sides of the house you have separate walkways which wind around the island, and take you to the beautiful swimming pool, surrounded by wooden decking and complete with 2 parillas and plenty of sun loungers. Surrounded by its own small river, and raised above land, it gives you a charming view over the island, while having a relaxing dip.

How to Get there

Dos Rios is located in the first section of the Delta, just 15 minutes from the mainland and the principal marinas of San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre, which are in turn within 1 hour of central Buenos Aires by car or by train.

Access is by speedboat or by water taxi. Alternatively one of the Delta's river buses which sets out from Tigre has a stop which is some 15 minutes walk from the site. There is no road access to the Delta, which lends to the overall charm of the area.

Food and amenities
The kitchen is fully equipped, and has all your regular condiments etc. We can also arrange to pre-buy a shopping list which would be dropped to the house on the day of arrival. Fresh eggs can also be bought daily from the house caretaker, who owns chickens.

Carlos, the caretaker lives 5 minutes from the house, and is available at all times in case of emergencies. I am also on call in case of any problems. There is phone signal at the house, but no internet.

House Rental (for whole house)
$250 USD/ night
$500 USD/ 2nights 
$1000 USD/ week

Use of swimming pool and grounds
All towels and bed linen provided
Whole house which sleeps 11 in total

About the Area

The delta escape Treehouse is part of an island concept called 'dos rios' which has an overall size of 73 hectares. Hidden between two small rivers, "Las Malvinas" and "Tres Sargentos" in the first section of the Delta, Dos Rios is a place where you can connect with nature and escape the noise and stress of the city.

The project was made specifically with an ecological code, whereby each landowner has part ownership of a nature reserve of 36 hectares, and access to a network of raised paths throughout the island (perfect for jogging, bird watching, and cycling) and also the communal swimming pool mentioned above.

The ecological code dictates that landowners construct, predominantly using wood, ecologically-sensitive houses. All use of water for domestic purposes is sourced from the river, and each lot maintains a strict preservation of all flaura and fauna. The ‘Delta Escape Lodge’ consists of 3 lots, each of 1.5 acres, and also uses solar paneling in alignment with the ecological focus.

The development consists of just 32 beautiful lots, each more than one hectare in size, and each with a water frontage of some 75 meters. Lot owners automatically own a propotion of the 36 hectares Nature Reserve in the centre of the site, which has a network of paths.

Delta Escape: Catered Excursion
We also organise Catered trips to the house, where we whisk you away for 2 days, take care of your every need in terms of food, drink, and entertainment. We will be there, as hosts to inform you of the cultures and traditions of the gorgeous Delta.

The adventure begins in Retiro station, where we take you all the way to the island, from train to ferry, to boat, to treehouse. Arriving at around 10am, we hold an authentic argentine reception; tea and plenty of media lunas and pastries. All meals are provided for 2 days and 2 nights, and include a range of authentic Argentine specialities such as empanadas and traditional meat asado, which is served on the final night.
Wines are carefully selected from the area to compliment the food, and a wine tasting event will be given on the last evening, as well as a chance to buy some of the bottles afterwards.

The grounds contain a raised pool with incredible views over the island’s greenery, a bird watching platform, and fishing equipment in order to try your hand at catching the 4kg tararira, local to the Tigre area. There are also plenty of books, board games, and music to while away the charming evenings in the house interior, or outside on the oak wooden decking.

House Size
Sleeps 9 guests, 5 of those places being in private rooms, and the other 3 sofa beds in the main living area, all part of the adventure, and perfectly in tune with the relaxed and fun atmosphere.
Costs For 2 days and 2 nights
Double bedroom: 450 USD
Twin room: 450 USD
Single room: 210USD
Living area bed: 130USD
Group cost for whole house: 1000USD

Who we are
We are Adriana and Susana taken care of the house. Two argentinian ladys with hugh experience in hospitality and advising small hotels. 
Thanks for visiting our blog.!! 

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